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“Don’t you know you can’t go home again,” writer Ella Winter told Thomas Wolfe who eventually wrote, You Can’t Go Home Again. So Long Betty and Veronica says you can go home again. Much depends on the spirit you bring to the experience.

“The Warmth, charm, hilarity, and drama of family vacations to that distinctive destination became real. Ferreri unpacks his summer suitcase of memories and airs them with abandon. Outsize characters and insightful stories ... a magical haven where family, community, work, and entertainment intersect in a time...this soulful summer world.”

Karen Taulelle, Writer and documentary film maker.

Traveling into the past can be exhausting. It can also be exhilerating. Preparation for this kind of travel may require years thinking about it, even agonizing over it. You ask yourself: Should I go? Why should I go? Was the past too long ago? What if there’s nothing there?

Finally I go and uncover a wealth of stories...one major car reck...small talk about sex...a tale of two guns, and not a hint of regret. Woody Allan, Bridget Bardot, Buddy Hackett, and Neil Sedaka’s mother turn up in these pages. And there’s a confession about a theft regarding one of them.

So Long, Betty and Veronica recalls a dying Borscht Belt culture, ancient bungalow colonies, and burned down Catskill Mountain hotels. It’s a coming of age story of a New York City boy spending summers in he country.

The journey transforms lost experience and integrates it with the present. In a curious way, going back enriches the path forward. So Long,Betty and Veronica is a celebration of people whose wealth of character and generosity of spirit made the past possible.

Pop-culture stories, Dirty Dancing, Sweet Lorraine, A Walk on the Moon, and others, revisit richly remembered experience. Add So Long, Betty and Veronica to that list and follow the journey.