The Internal Affairs of Mr. Invincible

Can processes of inevitable change, slow but steady, become the primary content of an artists work? On how many levels can a work of art exist in perpetual transition?
How counter intuitive is it to deliberately create art knowing it’s physical properties assure it's self-destruction? These questions inhabit Lou Ferreri's work on several levels.
First, the material, the editorial pages of the New York Times. Inferior quality paper (but with a gorgeous drawing surface) with internal acids, destructive from within.
Second, daily news, time sensitive, relevant, forgotten, recalled. When does today's news become history?
Third, the content of the work itself, images drawn to call attention to complex bodily function, change, life management, repair, and the details of everyday living.
Each aspect, time sensitive and evolving. Paper self-destructs, news unfolds, the details of everyday living transform.
Coat hangers, clothespins, hat racks, wall hooks, and archival envelopes are employed in a nontraditional presentation. Exhibitions embrace concepts of inevitable impermanence with sharp wit and cartoon elegance.
The Details of Everyday Living, is produced with mixed media drawing tools on pages of the New York Times.
 April, 2015 - -


Lou Ferreri
April, 2015